Friday, May 14, 2010

And so it begins. (an introduction to Fenskeland)

I must confess, I never would have pictured myself writing one of these. I have traditionally been in the camp of individuals that saw blogs as a form of narcissism; as something that's used to boost undeserving egos in their childish hunt for self gratification. So I'm either a hypocritical asshole, or a narcissistic asshole.

Seriously though, I've had my eyes opened somewhat, and my initial 'fresh-out-of-university-angry-and-cynical-about-anything-that-comes-my-way' has calmed down just a tad. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still as disillusioned and emotionally tarnished as the next guy, but my disillusionment is now focused. Gone are the days of a young 20 year old boy who would rant and rave openly and with reckless abandon, throwing caution to the wind! Now I just rant and rave online where I can enjoy the relative anonymity that the internet provides, and yet still feel empowered by my freedom of speech and independent thinking. It's a brave new world... or something.

So yeah. As I was saying, I've had my eyes opened. I've come to understand that while the internet is still evil and likely plans to kill us all in the not-too-distant future, it can also be used for good. Not to get too soppy, the Internet can be a valuable tool entertain, educate, and express oneself. Ultimately we decide whether or not it's used appropriately. I see now that blogs can be a wonderful way to express thoughts and share ideas, whether it comes in the form of telling a joke, informing others of a discovery, or giving your opinion on something. To be sure there are a lot of shitty blogs, and even the good ones aren't for everybody. But I suppose that's why I'm here, to vent my thoughts and opinions to like minded people, be they a mere 2 or a whopping 100,000,000+.

With that out of the way, it's time for an introduction. My name is Fenske (Pronounced Fen-skee), and this is Fenskeland! Why am I here? What personal reasons did I decide to join this large community of internet bloggers? Well, I have just completed three years of training as an actor, and while that's all fine and dandy, being outside of school doesn't provide the same level of security and purpose, that a rigidly structured educational program does. And so here I am, with an agent and everything, and nothing to do at times. You see school makes sure you are always busy... too busy in fact; in real life you have to find things to do all by yourself. Shocking, I know.

It is an unfortunate fact, however, that as an actor there is not always work for you. And so I have had to actively seek other pursuits in the mean time. I have begun writing, I have gone back to fiddling around on the piano, I draw, and when I can, I make independent theatre with my friends. Writing has been a big one for me, and to date, it has typically fallen into one of two categories:
1. Working on screenplays, which means constantly warding off the temptation to check my facebook profile.
2. Going to a coffee shop with pencil and paper, and writing anything that comes to mind, which suffers from being impractical if I don't have the time to take off for such an endeavor.

This is where I create a third category. There are times I see or think things that don't really fit into traditional writing, or screenplay storytelling. I see Fenskeland as a chance to write down some of the stuff that rattles around in my head, so I can deal with them in the form of creative expression, instead of bottling it up and pacing back and forth for hours upon hours.

What sort of things will I write about? Good question! Let's pretend for a moment that you actually asked it. In all honestly, I can't say for certain. Whatever I feel like writing about, quite frankly. Knowing me, there's a good chance that comic books, sci fi, and anything that pertains to being a nerd will probably make its way in here more often than not. But it could be anything really, and it could be at any time. So be on the constant look out! ... or don't. Whatever floats your boat really. I do what I want, I suggest you do the same. Right now, I think I'm going to get some yogurt. I freaking love yogurt.

Thanks for reading


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